The shipping companies that make up The New World Alliance (Tnwa) - Apl namely in Singapore, Korea's Hyundai Merchant Marine and Mitsui Osk Line Japanese - have decided to temporarily reduce the capacity of their services on the transpacific routes. This decision was taken in line with the reduction of the output of factories in Asia, where he is celebrating the lunar New Year, which will extend until the beginning of February. But the new winter schedule will be maintained for six weeks, which will increase "if necessary", how do they know the companies themselves. According to The New World Alliance, the implementation of the winter program, and especially the transpacific route, is an 'routine', due to the cyclical slowdown in this period of Asian exports. The reduction in capacity results in the selective suspension of some services that the transpacific and Sax, the PSW, the Pcx and Pce. Based on what they do know the companies, other airlines may also be affected by these actions, "however, to ensure coverage of all the ports' in Asia and North America. In any event, any change, the companies say, will be appropriately communicated to customers well in advance.


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