Incoterms, international commercial terms of contraction is the number of terms used in the field of imports and exports, valid throughout the world, which defines in a unique and unmistakably every right and duty of the competent authority to the various legal entities involved in a transaction transfer of assets from one country to another. The January 1, 2011 shall come into force the new Incoterms: Rule EXW: ex works / works remains unchanged, it is recommended only in contracts of domestic content, is recommended for international shipments with shipping made it possible to monitor both transport and the customs operation where necessary (can you get with many rules but never with Incoterms EXW). New terms: DAT: Delivered at the terminal, the seller delivers when the goods are discharged to the buyer at a terminal (port or place) to destination. DAP: Delivered at place, the seller delivers when the goods are still loaded on the means of transport arrives at the place of delivery as agreed and made available for unloading. The term DAP was introduced in substitution of the words DAF - DES and DDU Maritime: The terms FOB - CFR - CIF, remain unchanged in their meaning and, therefore, identify responsibilities related to transportation.


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