EKAER - Implementation of new road transportation control system in Hungary.

EKAER, which is designed to minimize the possibility of VAT fraud, will be implemented from January 1st, 2015 in Hungarian public road transit. EKEAR stands for Electronic Trade and Transport Control System. For transporting goods on public roads via any motor vehicles subject to charge it will be required to apply for an EKAER number. Every number will be valid for 15 days and those organizing and executing the transit must have them as it must be presented during potential roadside checks by the authorities. The EKAER number has to be communicated to Transitum in order for us to be able to inform our transporters who have the obligation to show this number to the authorities if requested. If the taxpayer fails to meet their obligation to apply for an EKAER number or to report the entire shipment, than the shipment or its undeclared part is considered a product of unverified origin, and the authority can impose a default penalty. Default penalty can be a maximum 40% of the value of the product of unverified origin. Besides the imposed penalty the authority can lock down products meeting in value the amount of the penalty. Therefore we are obligated to be aware of: - description and quantity of the goods - name and license plate number of the carrier - name of the recipient and address of delivery - nr EKEAR


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