Antonello Astone

Founding partner and Director
I concentrate on organisation and development, aiming to continuously create and increase the worth of our company and share it with our customers, suppliers and employees. The respect I have for our work and that of others is what drives my daily activities.

Paola Baruelli

My work involves the sales/operational management of the 3 sectors: sea, air, road. I contribute diligence, professionalism and readiness to the company, keeping the quality which distinguishes us high and providing customers with assistance and solutions.

Marianne van den Berg

I work for the operative/commercial department. My work concerns shipping by air and ocean. I arrange logistic service with high quality support complying with customers needs. My goal is to improve quality, efficiency and flexibility.

Helena Kaselj

I work in the Back Office in the land sales-operational department, taking care of the different needs of a great many customers. My main duties involve contact and consultancy with customers and suppliers. My attentiveness, commitment and meticulousness make for customer satisfaction and enduring trust.
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