"so, the sales department has done its job getting the order, the production department producing the order.
Now I've got to sent the goods. Who am I going to outsource the planning and buying of a goods delivery service, which is the right quality and cost for me, to?"
"We'll take care of it!" Transitum calls out in reply. Assistance in all phases of transportation. Tracking updating area which can be consulted from our web site. Delivery confirmation. We treat your goods like our own.

plants / exceptional trasportation

We have a great number of years experience managing exceptional loads and transporting plants. We supply appropriate means, escorts and permits for all types of goods. We even assist customers personally with loading and monitor each transportation phase with great care.


Antonello Astone
I concentrate on organisation and development, aiming to continuously create and increase the worth of our company and share it with our customers, suppliers and employees. The respect I have for our work and that of others is what drives my daily activities.

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